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Personal and Property Services

A personal and property service manager assists you with every aspect of efficiently and effectively managing your home.

Through an on-line management program, we set up the tasks that are necessary in maintaining your home.  Every client is unique in their needs of management of these tasks and we are able to create a program specifically designed for your needs.  Tying Up Loose Ends is able to then manage your tasks through a reminder system, we can also share the calendar of tasks and/or transfer the program to you to manage.

The maintenance items include, but not limited to HVAC maintenance, seasonal tasks such as winterizing your home (sprinkler system maintenance, gutter cleaning, leaf clean up and snow plow contracts).  We can even set reminders for changing out batteries in smoke detectors and changing filters.

In addition to our maintenance program, we can facilitate home repair projects no matter the size by securing the right contractor.  From finding a handyman to do small repairs, to going out to bid for a roof replacement and complete remodels.  We find and use the best in the business.  We can secure bids for you per project.  Bids are presented to you for review and final decision making.  Once a decision is made, we are the liaison for between client and contractor.  We are on-site before during and after the project.  This ensures that during the process you are completely involved, but we are able to filter the important information to you.

Included in our property services, we offer short-term and long-term home watch services.  We offer daily/weekly home checks.  We can check for home maintenance issues (leaks, water damage, pipes busting), security issues (if your alarm sounds we are able to meet the police at your home), bring in the mail, water the plants, and car maintenance to name a few.