Corporate Concierge Services

What is Corporate Concierge Service ?

As part of an Employee Incentive Program,

a Corporate Concierge

is designed to reward and recognize

employee loyalty or performance

and attract and retain the best and

most talented employees in you area.

While you are at work:

*Grocery Shopping - deliver items directly to your residence.

*Car Detail/Wash/Service*Deliver lunch or dinner.  

*Help facilitate in-house events. Menu planning, delivery of food items, internal set up, serving, and clean-up.

*Holiday gift giving - Each holiday we prepare a flyer full of gifts. You choose what you would like, we shop/purchase and deliver to your office.


While you are at work, we can offer services at your home:

*Grocery Shopping - deliver items directly to your home.


*Home Organization

*Personal Assistant

*Contractor Facilitation - we interview contractors (window washing, exterminator and the like), we review contracts,

we are on-site the day the work is done.

We inspect their work.

We just filter the pertinent details to you.